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Monday, August 22, 2005

Electric Orgasms

My sex life was fairly straight-forward and pretty boring until one
day, my wife, Katie, and I discovered something really wild.

I was using an electric toothbrush one Saturday morning, and Katie
came in the bathroom to take a shower. I had just finished brushing my
teeth, and as she bent over to pull her panties off, I pressed the tip
of the toothbrush against her buttocks.

"What the hell?" She turned around and looked at me, then she smiled.
"Jesus, that was a weird sensation."

"You like that?" I asked.

"Well, uh...yeah!"

She finished pulling off her panties, and then stood there. Slowly,
carefully, I pressed the dull side of the tip of the toothbrush
against her pussy.

"Oohhh weeeee!" she said. "I LIKE that!"

"Hmm," I said. "I wonder..."

"Wonder what?"

"I was wondering what else we might have that vibrates," I said.

"The vacuum cleaner handle vibrates," she said.

I raised my eyebrows. "No wonder the carpet is always so clean," I
said with a grin.

"Yeah, right," she said, taking off her bra and stepping into the shower.

After she took her shower, I took a quick shower, and got dressed. I
found her in the kitchen, and I asked, "You need anything from the

"Nope. Why, where you goin'?"

"Shopping," I said.

I returned two hours later. With me, I brought a large, electric
vibrator, a penis suction device, and a double-ended dildo.

"What the bloody hell?" Katie asked.

"Hell, let's try this shit out," I said.

She didn't seem to need much encouragement. She was in the bedroom,
undressed, and laying on the bed before I could unpack all the stuff.
Her legs were spread wide, and I got a bone just looking at her.
Though married for a number of years, she still had the ability to
make me horny as hell just looking at her. She had a great body, trim,
with full round tits topped by cherry-red, hard nipples.

I took off my clothes slowly, making sure she saw my hard cock
sticking out at her.

"Hey, look who's come to visit," she said with a grin.

"And who's going to cum with a visit," I said.

I plugged in the vibrator, and put on a large, long thing that was
shaped and felt like a really big dick.

"You're NOT sticking that damned thing in me, hun," she said. "It
would split me wide open."

I opened a jar of some type of ointment that came with the device, and
spread it allover the big rubber dick.

She looked at me dubiously and then shrugged.

I pressed some buttons on the thing - it looked very much like a hot
glue gun or an electric drill. Only, this thing moved in and out and
around and around. It could have been used to build a fucking house, I
thought. I pressed it slowly against Katie's lower tummy, moving it
down, down to her ample bush. She spread her legs wider, and then,
slowly, I teased her clitoris with it. I pressed in a little, and sure
enough, the big rubber dick entered her.

"Oh, YES!" she shouted. "Good Lord!"

I pressed in farther, her excitement turning me on even more. My cock
was aching, hurting, just waiting to be relieved.

I pushed in father, and she started panting, moaning and groaning, her
body moving and gyrating. Shit, I thought. This was driving her wild.

She came...she came again and again, screaming, jerking, shouting so
loud I was sure that all the neighbors were sure I was killing her.

Then, it was my turn. I lay on the bed as she used the penis suction
device. She inserted the bloated tip of my cock into the tube. There
was a round rubber sleeve on the end of the tube...and the tube itself
was quite large. She added the ointment to the sleeve, and soon, it
sucked my dick right into it. My cock began to expand. It didn't move
around or do anything; the motor just kept slowly sucking harder and
harder. It began to hurt, and my cock was about twice its normal size
within about five minutes. I couldn't believe it!

"Turn it off," I said. "Turn it off!"

Katie reached down and unplugged the motor, then tried to take the
tube off my cock. Adding more ointment, she was able to slowly slide
the sleeve over the head of my engorged cock.

"Jesus H. Christ!" she said, looking at my cock. "Bigger than that
rubber thing, let's try it out!"

She jumped on me, inserting my engorged cock into her as she lowered
herself on me. I came, my cock was so hard, my dick so BIG, I couldn't
help it. I writhed, moaned, and jerked, and right away, Katie came
again, a look of pain on her face. She stayed onto of me, and I stayed
inside her, shooting another load of cum into her. Then, she pulled
off me and lay beside me on the bed.

We lay there, both of us panting, each with our own private thoughts
about what we had discovered. I didn't like the suction device, but it
did, indeed, seem to have its merits.

"What's the double-ended dildo for?" Katie suddenly asked.

"Battery operated, for two," I said.

"Who's the 'two'?"

"You, and my ass," I said with a laugh. "Hell, I'll try anything once."

But, that's a different story.

Door To Door Muff

I was in the shower, feeling really clean, ready for the trials and
tribulations of another Saturday at home by myself. My husband had
taken off yesterday afternoon to go fishing with his friends, another
full weekend with the boys.

I stepped out of the shower and began toweling myself dry. I heard the
chimes of the doorbell, and started to ignore it, and then thought,
what the hell, it might be important. I threw on a short terry robe
and headed down the hall. It was a warm summer Saturday morning, and
the house was already hot. I might spend the day outside beside the
pool, I thought.

I peeked thru the telescoping view finder and saw my cosmetics dealer
walking away slowly. I had completely forgotten that she was going to
stop by and deliver some suntan lotion today. I opened the door a
crack and shouted down the sidewalk, "Hey Clara, I'm here."

She turned around and smiled. "Oh, there you are. I thought maybe you
had forgotten." She came walking back toward the door.

I opened the door for her, and she stared briefly at my robe, her eyes
taking in my bare thighs. "Ah, you smell nice and fresh from the
shower," she said.

"To be honest, I had forgotten that you were going to show up today.
Bob went off with his buddies fishing, and I slept late."

I closed the door behind her as she went into the living room. She
sat, and I stood there, thinking I should go throw on some clothes,
and then decided that what the hell, it was my house, and I wasn't
like, naked or anything. I sat across from her.

"We have a new after-bath lotion, if you're interested." She laughed.
"I mean, since you just stepped out of the shower, this might be a
good time to try it."

She reached into her bag and came up with the typical white plastic
bottle with blue lettering, cute pink design on the front. It looked
like any other bottle of body lotion, cream, etc. It was one of those
things in the health and beauty section of your local grocery or drug
store: eeny, meeny, miny, moe . . .

She opened the bottle and spread some of the ointment onto her hands,
and I stretched my left leg toward her. She dabbed at my calves with
the palm of her hand, and I noticed that my robe had come open at the
bottom. It was a shorty robe, anyway, and it wouldn't have taken
anything but my bending over a bit to show my ass and my pussy.

I reached down and held the trim of the two sides of the robe together
as my cosmetic dealer rubbed my calves with the ointment. Her touch
was doing something to me, relaxing me, and I could even feel a
tingling sensation in my pussy as she pressed here and there,
massaging my muscles gently as she moved her hand.

She moved her hands upward slowly, reaching behind my calves, behind
my knees, and ever upward to my thighs. I was thoroughly enjoying it,
and sat there, allowing the pleasant sensations to make me feel
languid and rested.

And then, I realized that I had let go of the hem of my robe, and my
legs were spread. Opening my eyes, I looked at Clara's face, and
discovered that she was staring right at my pussy. The idea that she
was looking at my pussy actually turned me on, rather than pissed me
off or embarrassed me.

She suddenly looked at my face. There was a quizzical expression on
her face. I simply looked back at her, expressionlessly.

"You like that?" she asked.

I nodded. "Love it," I whispered.

She took that as a sign to move her hands closer to my inner thighs,
closer to my pussy. I didn't mind, hell, at that moment, I didn't care
what she did, so long as she didn't stop!

I spread my legs for her, giving her the opportunity to move her hands
completely up my legs. She leaned forward now, her hands manipulating
and massaging my skin as she got every closer to my pussy lips. I
could feel her fingers brushing my pussy hairs, and then, actually
touching my pussy lips. If ever there was a time to say, "Stop," that
was it. But, I didn't want her to stop. I spread my legs wider for
her, and she leaned even closer to my pussy.

I could feel her breath on my thighs then, and the sensation turned me
on even more. She was openly playing with my pussy now, moving her
fingers along the outer lips, squeezing and fondling gently as she
moved her hand in unison.

I felt her thumb gently touch my clitoris, and my legs jerked. Her
breath was ever closer to my pussy, and I closed my eyes, waiting in
anticipation for her to lick me, and lo and behold, she did. I could
feel her tongue dart out and lick my pussy lips, then my clit. Moving
closer still, I could feel her tongue gently probe my pussy, moving in
and out as her fingers gently massaged my pussy lips and my clit.

"Clara, I'm going to cum," I whispered, and she muttered something,
though I couldn't understand what it was. I came, my body jerking and
swaying with spasms of delight as I came again and again.

Slowly, she pulled away, and I looked at her face, glazed over with
pussy juices.

"Well, we'll just have to wash that off, now, won't we?" I asked.


"Let's go for a swim," I said. "We have a closed-in back yard, and no
one can see us if we skinny dip," I said.

She raised her eyebrows. "Come on," I said, standing, pulling her
upright. "Get naked, and let's make a day of it."

That's exactly what we did.

--- Bonnie J., Los Angeles, CA

Grudge Suck

Grudge Suck

I had lived in a rather large apartment complex for several years,
and I noticed one day that the couple that lived directly above me
were having some kind of dispute. I could hear them out on their
balcony, and it seemed like the girl, Dawn, was getting the worst of
the argument. Whatever was going on, I could tell it was a heated
debate and that Dawn was very angry. I knew them just a little, but
just by name, having chatted with them once in a while since they
moved in above me about six months ago.

I heard a door slam, and I wondered what the hell was going on. A few
minutes later, there was a knock at my door, and Dawn, my neighbor
from upstairs, stood there in tears.

"He's horrible!" she said.

"Come in," I said.

She brushed past me, and I could smell her perfume on her. It left its
hint in the air: something fresh, clean, and well, sexy. She went into
the kitchen and I followed. It kind of struck me as strange that she
would make herself at home so readily. But, I figured, in times of
stress, I guess people have a tendency to forget.

"You got anything to drink?" she asked, turning to me as I entered the kitchen.

I shook my head. "Ho, I don't drink very much," I said, "but I can
make some coffee, or tea, or whatever."

She walked back into the living room and sat on the couch and looked
at me. "Anything you have is fine," she said, her voice quivering,
close to tears.

Well, here she was, sitting on my couch, and I had no idea what the
hell to say. I didn't want to be rude and ask her what the situation
was all about, and I really couldn't tell her to get the hell out of
my apartment, either. I felt sorry for her, and sort of protective,
like, she had come to me for help and I needed to help her. Burt then,
I didn't want to get involved in what was going on between the two of

"Well," I said, standing there, not really knowing what to say, "is
there something I can do to help you?"

She looked at my face, and her gaze travelled down my chest, to my
crotch. Her eyes lit up and she moved off the couch toward me.

"Yes," she said, and reached out and pressed her hand against my crotch.

Now that was a shock! I hadn't expected anything like this. Quite to
the contrary, I would have expected her to be tearful and full of
anxiety - not at all interested in sex or any man's crotch.

She moved her other hand to my chest, running her fingers down the
center of it as she smiled at me, her long lashes blinking slowly, her
eyes narrowing to slits. As she continued pressing against my growing
cock, I felt her other had reach the snaps to my jeans. Feeling my
cock jerk and expand in response to her expert attention, I leaned
forward slightly as she unsnapped the top button to my pants.

After a few moments of feeling her fingers moving down my snaps, I
could feel her hand move away from my crotch, and then I watched as
she lowered her head. She moved down and was on her knees in from of
me as she reached inside my briefs with both hands. She pulled my hard
cock out, along with both my balls. Her eyes widened a little, and I
felt one hand move to each side of my jeans. She tugged, and my pants
were down around my knees.

My fat cock bobbed straight out, pointing right at her lips. Her
tongue flicked out and she licked the underside of the head, bouncing
it away from her face. With her tongue, she played badminton with the
head of my cock, bouncing it first one way, then the other.

She was kneading my balls with one hand, and with the other, she
reached up and grabbed my cock at the base, wrapping her fingers
around it. Her fingers went under the base of my balls and she pulled
forward gently as she went all the way down on my cock. The pressed
her chin against my balls, and she tugged forward with her hand,
moving her chin back and forth against my balls, pressing them. I had
never had anyone do anything like that before, and it appeared that
this young woman knew all kinds of little secret moves, and knew a lot
about how to stimulate a cock.

I reached down and ran my fingers through her curly blonde locks as
she began to move her mouth up and down faster and faster on my cock.
I knew that it wouldn't be very long before I came. I tried to pull
away from her, but she reached behind me and grabbed my ass, holding
my crotch to her face. My knees began to shake and I could feel my
balls tighten as I shot a load of hot cum into her mouth. Against and
again, my cock jerked deep at the back of her throat and she made
swallowing motions with her mouth. She swallowed all of it, every
drop, as I continued to shoot my load. Then, after my orgasm was
finished, she kept my cock in her mouth, her fingers still massaging
my balls as she sucked the residue of cum from my cock Finally, she
let go of my cock and let it slid out of her mouth. She stood and
looked at me, smiling.

"Do you know what a 'grudge fuck' is?" she asked. "Like, you go fuck
someone, just to get back at someone else for doing some thing wrong
to you?"

I nodded.

She smiled even more broadly.

"Well," she said, "this was a grudge suck." Then, she turned and
headed for the door. At the door, she turned and looked at me again.

"Good night," she said, and was gone.

R. B., Forth Worth, TX

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Talented UP-Rising

Being a radical at heart, it is sometimes difficult to just have a
normal day. I do not work a 9 to 5 job like 90% of the world, instead
my day is my own. Very much like today, which I thought would be
normal. Well, as normal as possible given the fact that I seldom have
what everyone else would call a "normal" day.

It started as usual with getting up and doing the basics. You know
brushing the teeth, washing the face, blah blah blah... I was thinking
about just going to the movies after I finished the work for one of my
numerous clients. A really cool movie was just released and the most
perfect time to see it is when everyone else is at work. I like the
feeling of being the only one in a theatre watching a show.

The theatre was empty as usual and I found a perfect seat dead center.
I settled myself into the chair with my popcorn and drink. The movie
was just about to start when 7 men walked into the theatre. They all
looked strange. They had this little wire thing coming out of their
ear. It dawned on me that they may be CIA or FBI or some other such

The movie halted and one of the guys approached me. As per his
instructions, I begrudgingly extracted my Drivers License and turned
it over to the guy. He looked it over and read the numbers out loud. I
guess he got a confirmation that I was indeed an American and had a
right to be in the movie theatre. The men escorted another man into
the theatre, who decided to sit in my row.

I am a weird movie watcher in that I do not like commentary during the
movie. Which is the reason I tend to go to movies alone. Inevitably,
when I take a friend along, they always seem to be making comments
during the movie, which I find very distracting. He decided on the
chair next to mine and then dismissed the men that were surrounding

Tentatively he said, "Monica?"

I said, "no you must be mistaken. My name is not Monica".

"But you look like Monica!"

At this point, I turned and looked at the man. I stared for a long
time and just couldn't believe it. I have had a crush on the man since
he held office! And here he was sitting beside me asking if I was

I went over to the man, not sure what I was intending to do. My
hormones at this moment were raging and I wanted! I wanted to have his
cum on my shorts and well, elsewhere - if I could help it! I found
myself kneeling in front of him and unzipping his pants.

The man did not resist. I pulled out of his pants the most delightful
cock I have seen in a long time! It was strong, thick and hard. I
placed his cock inside my mouth and was delighted that it tasted
clean. So many times guys cocks have a funky taste to them. It usually
is because they have not recently washed. This cock was wonderful and
long. I sucked on it enjoying that it was throbbing and responding to
my touch.

He started running his hands through my hair. I heard him gurgle his
enjoyment. He leaned back thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth. My
tongue followed down his shaft and I nestled the tip with my teeth. I
held him for a long time enjoying the taste of his cock.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me down on the cushions
of the chairs. I love the modern theatres with the removable arm
rests! It is like having one long cushion or sofa! He quickly removed
my shorts and moist panties as I got myself out of my t-shirt and bra.
My breasts dangled free. I love touching my breasts as a man
penetrates deep inside me.

He lowered his mouth to my nipple and started sucking them. As he
sucked, I helped him out of his pants and his shirt. He was on top of
me, his cock dangling between my legs. I felt his hard head nestling
between my legs. I wanted him like I have never wanted a man before in
my life. I spread my legs farther apart and inserted his cock into my
pulsing wet pussy.

He went slowly. He was very patient as he teased me with his tip. He
looked upon my face, and I saw his brief surprise. He finally realized
that I was not Monica. But his cock was still responding. He plunged
it in deep. There was an audible sigh of pleasure that escaped from
both of us. He fit so tight! He pulled my legs up and found my tight
ass. How he knew, I will never know (or maybe Monica enjoys it there
too). But he placed two finger deep up my ass as he penetrated me with
his cock.

I squeezed my tits and continued sucking on his. We road in unison and
he started to make the sounds of an orgasm. I pulled away from him. I
wanted him to cum in my ass. Actually, I wanted to feel his hardness
in my ass. I pulled his head down to mine, and whispered my

After all, this was not any normal guy I was fucking. Powerful men
need to be apprised of the game plan! He insisted that I remain laying
on my back. He said it was easier for him and he could stroke my wet
hot pussy as his cock tickled my ass. I was in full agreement. Unlike
other guys I had been with, he found the hole immediately and tenderly
inserted his missile into my hot wetness. Tight! It was wonderfully
tight and I enjoyed as he inserted his hard thick cock into my tender
tight hole.

His fingers strummed the wet hot folds of my pussy. He pumped my
ass... one, two, three and then bang! I felt him explode. His cum shot
through me and felt like it would never end. His cock pulsed and his
fingers dug into my pussy. He continued finger fucking me extending my
orgasm into multiple. He bent his head and blew on my tender wet lips!

Wow, I never had a guy do that before and it was Wonderful! My body
responded my orgasming over and over again! Finally he pulled his cock
out of me, and wiped it on my panties. I pulled him close and asked
was that all. He smiled and then laughed. Don't be silly! You are a
wonderful fuck. I want to try this again, soon.

I placed my hands around his neck and said, "can I have another taste
now?" He nodded his approval. I went down on him again, this time
taking his soft cock into my mouth. I started sucking on him and was
rewarded with a little stream of hot cum. I swallowed his cum greedily
and continued to suck. I wanted more.

His cock started getting hard again. I pulled it out and rubbed it
between my tits. He pulled at my nipples and sucked on my lips. His
fingers found my very wet hot pussy and started to play again. He said
this time he wanted to shoot his load into my pussy. He said he liked
the idea that he was filling all my orifices with his juices. I said
not all of my orifices were being filled. I took his cock and placed
it in my mouth again. First he had to fill my mouth and stomach with
his sweetness and then, he could fill my hot pussy.

He seemed to agree as he road my mouth and my tongue played with his
cock. I enjoyed sucking on him and playing with his tight ass and
balls. It was as I was playing with his balls that I was finally
rewarded with hotness shooting down my throat. He tasted so good. His
cum is sweet with a salty edge. I have never tasted anything even

His cock stayed hard. He said he wanted to fill my pussy now. I laid
back as he requested and spread my legs welcoming him inside. He
placed his throbbing cock inside me and played with my pussy lips with
his fingers. I could not contain myself and started orgasming. My
pussy walls throbbed pulling his cock deeper inside me. The walls got
tight and I knew from the silly smile on his face he was enjoying
himself immensely. He pumped once more, like cocking a gun and shot
his bullets deep inside me. His hotness filled me completely! His cock
pulsed and throbbed!

He sighed and a big smile spread over his face. I had pleased a very
powerful man and thoroughly enjoyed his cock. He pumped me one last
time and a little more cum exploded within me. Ahhhh...

He nestled his head between my breasts and gave them both a gentle wet
kiss and then he kissed me. We started to get dressed in silence,
knowing that the movie was coming to a close. He took my hand into his
and pulled me up off the chair. He asked if I minded accompanying him
to his hotel. How could I possibly mind. I said, "only if you fuck me

"Do you just want one more time or many?"

"Many please!" I did not have to been anyplace anytime soon!

After all, my time is my own!


"Ohhh baby, yeah, yeah, get in deeper... yeah like that... no
deeper... I can feel your hardness swelling deep inside my wet
pussy...." She whispered on the phone. She held the phone close to her
ear, desperately trying not to laugh. "Oh baby, I can feel you... your
hardness... you make me so hot... so wet... I need your cum. I need to
feel your hot wetness spray inside me. Baby fuck me... fuck me hard."
She heard the guy groan as he pumped his cock harder and faster in his
tight fist. She knew from experience what the guy was doing as he
ram-roded his own organ. He probably started with something slick on
his hand and then grasped and started to pump. She knew he had his
eyes closed imagining her... or what his creative eye thought of her.

Talking dirty was her day job. It helped pay the bills and put her
through college. It was not something she was proud of, just something
she did... something she had to do. She kept reminding herself... it
paid the bills! "Yeah baby... pump me hard! Pump me deeper. I am
touching my large tits and squeezing them. I can feel your hardness
inside me... yeah baby yeah... I like it when you fuck me hard and
deep. Yeah baby... smack those balls against my hot pussy... yeah baby
yeah." Sometimes, she felt like one of the "Beach Boys" singing yeah
baby yeah. But thoughts like that started her on the road of giggling
and the last thing these guys wanted to hear was a women's giggle.

Most of the guys who called her were desperate for attention from
women. If they only knew... she looked around at the other women
knitting or playing games as they talked dirty on the phone. The guys
were willing to pay $3.95 an hour to listen to a fat woman describe
herself as a small blonde with watermelons for tits! She tried to keep
her descriptions close to real, so that she would not mess up. Her
first time was a mess up. She described her tits as being large firm
globes and then during her little spiel accidentally described them as
small. The guy got a little confused and the erotic mystery was
shattered. He stopped yanking on his chain and asked "which do you
have... small or big tits...?" and then he hung up.

Getting a hang up that early was not good. Each girl was supposed to
get the guy to hang on at least an 1/2 hour in order to get paid. If
the guy dropped off before that, the girl got blackmarked. Too many
black marks and the girl was let go. Shelly made damn sure that was
her only one. The pay was good... too good to screw it up on a simple
mistake like that!

She looked down at the clock. Her current caller was going on to his
second hour! She had been groaning for the last few minutes and
decided to give him a little more. "Baby... turn me over. I want you
to take me from the backside... deep inside my dark hole."

"You want some pain?", he inquired.

"Yes, baby... I want to feel some pain... hot erotic pain as you take
your large cock and bury it deep inside me... Please baby... please
baby fuck me in the darkness... shatter my body with your orgasm!"

"Anything for you....", he said.

Shelly could hear it in his voice. He was hard again and ready for
some more. "Do you feel that baby... does it hurt?"

"Oh yes", she replied... "It hurts so good. You are so deep. You are
so hard. I love when you fuck me there. I want to feel your cum... Do
you have any left for me?"

"Oh baby, I have more than you can possibly know...."

Shelly started the groaning noise again. Fake orgasms were a joke for
the other ladies and they all started to make their own noises. "Oh
yeah, oh yeah, oh yeahhhhh.... baby I am going to cum... yes, yes,
make it happen... yes... oh your hardness... deeper yes.... yes...."
She knew the guy had just exploded. She had heard his cum hitting the
phone. Some guys actually found that romantic. Shelly tried her best
to ignore it. The guy hung up without saying goodbye. Shelly was used
to that. It happened a lot. Usually because the wife or girlfriend
came home! Either way, she had made money. Another week's worth of
rent, bills and groceries paid for and all she had to do was talk.
There were a number of girls on campus that were doing much more than
talking to get their wages... Shelly never dreamed of really spreading
her long legs... the very thought of it made her shudder. She just
couldn't do something like that... it would be so much more
humiliating then talking dirty.

She continued playing the game as she started waiting for the next
call. Shelly was never really concerned about picking up a weirdo. She
had heard rumors from some of the other women, but she never had any
problems. The building had plenty of security and was well hidden. It
was not like they had the words "Phone Sex" over their front door.
They had S.T.U. over their door. What it stood for she never knew and
really, she didn't care. All she cared about was getting her daily pay
for the few hours she worked. Making $20 an hour wasn't bad. All she
had to do was talk dirty.

Shelly yawned. She got a little tired of waiting for the phone to
ring. She had played her second game and still the line stayed mute.
She decided it was time to call it a day. She had made enough that day
to cover her for the week. She unplugged herself and collected her
things. She went up front and got cashed out, placing the roll of
bills into her purse. She waved goodbye and left the building.

As she walked to her car her cell phone rang. It was one of her
girlfriends wanting to know if she wanted to go to a party. Shelly
never passed up the chance to party. Besides that, she was always
horny when getting off of work. A party enabled her to meet someone
new and usually meant fresh sex. A tumble in the hay without any
strings. The last thing Shelly wanted were strings. She was studying
to be a Doctor... and her classes were grueling enough without adding
to her misery. Plus having a guy in her life would divert her focus
and she needed to stay focused... focused on her dream... because only
then would she achieve all that she desired.

Her girlfriends knew what she did, but she seldom told her boyfriends.
She didn't think it would be something they would understand.

Her girlfriends met her at the party. They had decided to wear
something short and sexy! The sexier they dressed almost guaranteed
having sex! Shelly spotted a guy immediately as her and her friends
walked through the door. He was just what she liked... tall, blonde
and sleek - like a racing car. She liked guys that were built to have
hard fast sex. She didn't like guys with bellies (though she sometimes
had to incorporate bellies inside her dirty talking). The very idea of
fucking a guy and having a large belly rub against her was revolting.
A major turn-off. She walked across the room and caught his eye. He
walked up to her and she leaned over exposing the swell of her
breasts. Shelly knew he was interested. She was not in the mood for
small talk. She just wanted to have something hard between her legs...
the faster the better. She took his hand and moved it up her leg. She
felt his surprise when he realized she was not wearing anything
underneath. He looked at her and she smiled.

She saw the bulge in his pants. He didn't have to say anything... she
was more than ready. She took his hand and led him out of the room.
She found a vacant room upstairs with a bed. She locked the door and
then started unzipping his pants. She pulled out more than a handful
of hardness. She knelt in front of him and took his hardness inside
her mouth. She started sucking him. She held his hardness deep inside
her throat as her tongue licked his balls. She pumped his cock in and
out feeling him stiffen with pleasure. She rose and finished
undressing him. She pulled up her mini skirt and straddled his cock.
She started pumping him hard and deep. "Do you like that... I love
your hard cock...ooh I love how hard you are...", she whispered. The
guy had a strange look on his face. He looked a bit shocked. Shelly
enjoyed shocking them... after all, she was a professional dirty

He shifted positions and laid her down on the bed. He pulled out his
hard cock and started stroking it in front of her face. She eagerly
tried to lick the tip with her tongue. "I love when your hot tongue
touches my hard cock. I want to spray my hot juices all over you....",
he said. Shelly stiffened. His voice... she knew his voice.

She couldn't believe it... it couldn't be true. She placed both her
hands over his hardness and nestled it back inside her wet pussy.
"Pump me hard baby... yeah baby... hard and deep!"

"Like this... baby... I can feel your wetness... your hot pussy
sucking up every inch of my cock. I can feel your hot walls closing

"Yeah baby... let me kiss your cock... please let me suck on it for a
moment more before you cum..." He pulled his hard cock from her wet
hot pussy.

He placed his cock inside her mouth once more. She sucked on it hard
looking deeply in his eyes. She knew that this was the last guy she
had spoken to. It was his voice... sexy and deep. She couldn't believe
that he was as hot as he had described. She was so very horny. The
more she thought about their conversation, her pussy throbbed with
desire. He pulled his cock from her mouth and said "turn over... I
want to cause you some pain!"

"Oh baby... your pain is my pleasure...", she replied as she turned
over exposing her firm ass. He pulled apart her butt cheeks and
nestled his hard cock deep inside.

She held the bed spread in between her teeth not wanting to express
the initial pain. She knew from previous experience, first came pain
so hot and searing that it felt as if it was tearing her apart. And
then... through the pain came the most enjoyable pleasure. Her body
started to pulse as the pleasure grew, spreading through her body. She
started moving her body to meet each one of her thrusts.... deeper and
deeper his cocked moved inside her. They both held on as their bodies
orgasmed together!

"So... ", he said "you are as beautiful as you said you were!"

"Yeah... I have gotten in trouble before when I lie... so it is just
so much easier to describe the real thing. Umm... can I ask you
something? Why do you call? You can have any girl you want."

"Because... I can", he replied. "Sometimes, I just need to have a girl
talk dirty to me..."

"Well, I will talk dirty to you anytime...." Shelly started explaining
that after work she was so horny and needed to fuck someone...

Daren agreed that he would be more than happy to provide her with that
service, as long as she talked dirty to him.

"Talking dirty is not a problem... I am a professional!", she replied.

A Purrfect Encounter

It was a beautiful day for the barbeque. It couldn't have been better.
The sun was out and warm. The air was clear and fresh. And every so
often, without much notice, there was a gentle breeze. It was cool
enough to take the edge of the heat, but not too cool. Just perfect.
"Just perfect," Jessica thought to herself again. She couldn't have
planned it any better. She was so ready for a day of relaxation with
friends and family. They had been planning this day for months. Each
holding secret concerns that something would go wrong. The weather may
be bad or the day just wouldn't be... perfect.

Jessica piled all the goodies into her car. She had been baking for
days! That was her assignment - cookies, cakes and other yummy
homemade goods. She was pretty good at baking. It was one of the few
things she felt she was good at. She hadn't seen some family members
for years. She knew her sister had a new husband. Actually, it was her
sixth new husband. Her sister just couldn't hold on to a relationship.
Unlike Jessica's bad luck, her sister divorced hers. Jessica lost her
first husband in a boating accident. And her second husband perished
in a skiing accident. After her second husband's death, she simply
gave up. She enjoyed a wonderful single life filled with friends,
family and even a few boyfriends. Speaking of which, she had to be at
Howard's house in less than 10 minutes. She shook herself out of her
personal fog and climbed into the full car.

She arrived at Howard's a few minutes late. Howard was outside
stewing. He was not a person that should be kept waiting. "You're
late, you know."

"Yes, Howard... I know. I am sorry. It was traffic. A lot of people
are getting out to enjoy the day."

"Excuses, Jessica will not improve the situation. A promise that it
will never happen again will work!"

"But Howard, how am I going to promise you it will never happen
again... I don't have crystal ball you know..."

It was an old argument that they had countless times before. Howard
firmly believed it you promised not to do something again, you
wouldn't. But Jessica knew better. Especially with something like
traffic. She could no more control the traffic than she could anything
else in her life. But Howard had other wonderful things about him, so
she didn't allow this little issue... well more than little... but
this issue bring down the whole relationship. Besides... she was not
planning on marrying him!

They arrived just as others drove into the parking area. Everyone
hurried from the cars and exchanged hugs of delight. They carried the
baskets of food to a designated reserved spot. The guys were in
charged of the barbequing and the women... well they were in charge of
catching up. Jessica felt a little uncomfortable when she met her
sister's sixth husband. He looked exactly like Jessica's first love
and her first husband. He even spoke like him. She simply couldn't
take her eyes off him. She pulled her sister down next to her
wanting... demanding an explanation. Marsha didn't take offense with
Jessica's angry voice. She was actually expecting this reaction from
her little sister. She knew just how much her little sister loved her
first husband. She also didn't have the heart to tell her she would be
soon moving onto her 7th. Gary had lost his appeal, like all her other
men. She just wasn't interested any more in him or what he had to
offer. Sex especially was just too mushy. She enjoyed jungle gym sex,
not soft gooey lovey dovey stuff. She looked at her sister and knew a
perfect solution. It would be like a gift.

She called over Gary and introduced her baby sister. Jessica gapped at
him and was unable to speak. Marsha took it upon herself to explain
the situation, including that she wanted a divorce. Gary didn't seem
surprised with the request for a divorce. He was actually expecting it
and a little delightful. Jessica was shocked that her sister just so
coolly explained the situation and then dropped a bombshell. Marsha
was sometime cold and ruthless. She didn't seem to care who she hurt
or what she did. She just said what was on her mind and let the chips

The barbeque was still perfect. Marsha spent countless hours with
Howard, enjoying his company immensely and Jessica sat with Gary. In a
way they decided to trade partners. It was nothing new. The sisters
had changed clothing, boyfriends, and shoes just as quickly. They were
opposites that got along very well.

Marsha took Howard home and Gary escorted Jessica. Jessica and Gary
decided they needed more time together. Jessica gave the instructions
to the local beach. They walked in the waves sharing their life.
Jessica's hand had slipped into Gary's. They walked hand in hand,
enjoying the peacefulness of their new friendship. How it happened,
Jessica can not remember. One moment they were waking and just
talking, and the next they were lying on the sand pulling off each
other's clothing. They smelled the muskiness of lust on each other's
skin. Each having a need that needed to be filled. Jessica needed to
fill the longing of her lost love. Gary needed to feel needed and
wanted. Marsha hadn't let him touch her for a while. That is how he
knew. She told him early in their relationship that when she was
finished with someone, the first thing to stop was the sex. When they
first met, they had sex multiple times a day. Then it slimmed down to
once a day. Now it had been months. He was tired of having encounters
with his hand. His hand was nothing like having this gorgeous women
under him, feeling her need... her hands caress his flesh. Feeling the
warmth between her legs. The softness of her chest. Caressing her skin
with his hands and exploring her body with his tongue, and his lips.
There was just nothing to compare with it. He was in paradise... with
a beautiful women that was NOT his wife.

He just couldn't wait until his divorce was final. Marsha had talked
about Jessica. He knew she was the perfect sister for him... and he
hoped she felt the same way.

Feeling this man on top of her, was strange and exciting. He didn't
feel like her first husband. He moved smoothly and had excellent
timing! He was at peace with himself and relaxed. He was not ashamed
of his nakedness. He knew how to please a woman, while achieving an
orgasm for himself. What she couldn't get her mind around was how much
he looked like her first love. It was as if he had been re-incarnated
into a perfect specimen of a man... this man... Gary. She repeated his
name a few more times as the waves coursed over her body... Gary!
Glory to be Gary... she started reciting poetry in his ear as her body
stirred with new desires.

He pulled away from her sweaty body and suggested a cooling dip.
Besides he whispered... we will have to try it in the waves... and in
the bedroom... and in a foreign country... and in a public place...
and in...

And they did. When the divorce was final, Jessica broke her oath and
got married for her third and last time. This time... this one... she
would keep forever... simply purrfect in every way!

A Joyous Communion

She hurried from the store, her bag of groceries nestled against her
chest as she ran to her car trying her best to miss the rain drops.
She was not doing very well... her hair was damp and she felt her wet
shirt clinging to her back. The car seemed so far away. She berated
herself that she asked for her groceries to be bagged in paper versus
plastic. It was an old habit... she was thinking of the environment,
instead of common sense. She felt the paper melting under her hands as
she continued her fast progression to her car. She could feel the
package of eggs pushing itself out of the bottom of the paper bag. As
she reached her car, they dropped, splashing all over her and her car.
She cried out in frustration... an animal cry of desperation escaped
her lips. She raised her voice to the heavens speaking out her
anger... her frustration...

He reached out and covered her wet shivering head with his dome of
safety. His hands grasped the sagging bag, preventing any more of the
precious occupants from slipping away. He drew her close to him and
tried to calm her... She looked up at him beseechingly... and a little
confused. Had it stopped raining? She looked up and saw the
blackness... but it was not sky. It was the blackness of the
waterproof fabric that was part of the dome. She put the key in her
lock and opened her door. He placed the wet sack of groceries into her
front seat. She just didn't know what to say... she was quite thankful
and she knew that she would not have been able to achieve that miracle
by herself.

She asked if he would be interested in having dinner with her. Nothing
fancy... a few eggs... She shook her head realizing her blunder... she
no longer had eggs. Their sticky substance was all over her car and
her wet slacks. He accepted anyways, and told he would follow her
home. His protective black dome followed her to the other side of the
car, ensuring that the rain did no further damage.

They reached her place actually quite quickly. He helped her to her
door, carrying both sacks of groceries which included the one he had
just purchased. All she wanted to do was take a hot shower... He
smiled not minding... urging her to take her time.

She heard promising kitchen noises as she climbed into the shower
stall. She emerged feeling more like a person... the frustrated animal
in her receding back into the depths of its cave. She nestled her
naked warm body into a thick terry robe and walked to the wonderful
smells emerging from her kitchen. He had found one of her aprons and
had tied it around his waist. He was expertly flipping a fluffy omelet
that would feed 4! He placed the finished masterpiece on a paper plate
and handed her a fork. She just didn't know what to say... A knight...
in shining armor. That's what she was thinking... instead of a gallant
steed he had a black dome umbrella that saved drowning women from
their miserable lives and the rain!

How it happened neither of them could say... one moment they were
about to dig into a delicious omelet and the next they were on the
floor madly groping each other. He pulled away the robe, exposing
beautiful globes of tender soft flesh. He cupped each breast, bringing
his mouth to her taut nipple. He sucked and licked the rosy flesh. He
pulled the nipple with his teeth and lips, turning it into a tight
little cone of desire. He stroked her chin and moved his hands down
her slender form. He nestled his hands between her legs, urging them
to open, exposing delicate layers of wetness that throbbed with a life
of their own. The smell was so heady, filled with animal desires and
the aroma of sex. Two bodies entwined with each other... fitting
perfectly and riding the storm in unison.

Her lips called for his tongue. He moved his mouth down her form, his
hands lingering at her breasts not wanting to leave them behind. He
spread her legs wide, allowing his head to fit between... deep into
her nestled valley... holding so much promise of life. His tongue
extended from its domain and entered into hers. It slid down her
valley... nestling itself in her creek. The water's flowed as they
started to bubble with desire. The temperature grew as if a volcano of
pleasure was about to erupt. His tongue made a beeline for her hive.
He sucked her nectar filling his mouth with sweetness. Her aroma made
him heady as he breathed in deeply expanding his lungs around the
scent of erotic pleasure.

She groaned with desire... she needed to be filled. His tongue felt
wonderful in her wondrous world, but she wanted more. She grasped a
handful of his thick hair, pulling his mouth to hers. She turned him
over and forced him to lie down of the floor. She slid down his length
targeting her favorite toy. She pulled his hardness deep into her wet
mouth and started sucking his hardness. He was already rock hard and
didn't need any further encouragement. But she wanted to suck on his
hardness anyways. She like the feeling of his strength pounding inside
her mouth. Feeling the pulses against her tongue. Wanting to
pre-sample his juices, like he did her own. He allowed a few drops of
his miraculous serum of life to explode on her tongue. He reached down
and pulled her away from his steed. She rose her head, bringing it to
his. Her legs spread wide, welcoming his steed deep inside her stable.
She held it deep inside savoring its hardness... its power. Then he
started to thrust... wanting in and then out. It was if his steed
couldn't handle the heat and needed to take short breaks of fresh air.
The air both cooled and tempered, like steel being molded and formed.
The lengths of the breaks grew as the thrusts deepened... becoming
longer. The moment was rising... from thin air... a shimmering of
feeling forming, moving, expanding. From its depths of nothing rose
something. A feeling that flowed and expanded with life and enjoyment.
A feeling that bound two strangers to a single string of enjoyment...
a string that dangled in front of them causing them to attack it like
a kitten's first toy. That string wove its magic around the two naked
forms, binding them together... Their bodies melting and forming...
becoming and filling with pleasure.

It was warm wetness that exploded. His in her and hers exploding down
her legs and mingling with his. The sweet aroma of success mingled
with the scent of erotic passion. Their bodies rose for a moment...
the string pulled at them anchoring them high and trying to shake
free... Their tormented souls shook as pleasure continued to ride....
She screamed the beast coming out yet again... this time in pleasure.
Voicing her animal cry he joined her sweet song... two voices running
into one.... ending in the song of love... the song of promise... the
song of mutual enjoyment.

The omelet was cold by the time they dug in. Neither one of them
cared. They couldn't wait to take a deep breath and continue down the
road of mutual communion...

Dreaming of Tina

A full, heaving breast thrust upon my mouth. Heavy breathing....
Shadows, moving like silk on velvet. Panting. Slow thrusting - in and
out, in and out. Moaning, rising to a cresendo. The thrusting is more
urgent, more desperate. A scream!! Contentment... The soft whispers of
my name. "Adam, Adam, oh Adam..."


I return from my memories, in a drab office, searching for the source
of that irritating voice.

"You there? You have a call... Computer's down. Since you have some
time on your hands, you're up. And get this; you don't finish this job
in two hours, don't bother coming back! Now GET OUT THERE!!"

I already know who called for "help", and I can't wait to get there.
It's my "favorite client"; Tina!! I remember the first time I went to
"fix" her problem... And I got much more than my fee...

Life wasn't easy for me back then. As a recent college grad, I landed
a job with a top computer manufacturing firm... Unfortunately, it was
on the bottom of the ladder; the firm started me on "computer
maintenance and repair", a job I began to hate. People calling me all
of the time, asking questions about problems which were outlined in
the "Operating Manual - Troubleshooting" section!! What morons! Or so
I thought...

Let me give you some background. In my early twenties, I had a
surprisingly small number of dates... In college, girls always thought
of me as that "good friend" they'd talk to about anything (including
their sex lives) but never date. Maybe it was due to my demanding
schedule, or my nonchalant attitude... Anyway, my sex life was sparse.
I thought nothing of it and continued with my education, completing my
B.S. in Computer Engineering and was immediately snapped up.

Sometimes, my job leads me to travel. Not internationally, locally; I
have to go to the customer's residences and solve problems that just
could not be solved over the phone. There weren't many of those, but
it was a welcome change when they occured; a small office with a phone
for decoration is monotonous.

One beautiful fall day, I was called upon to go to the house of a
customer named Bruce to repair his ailing system. Seemed the hard
drive crashed due to a virus, and he didn't know how to fix it. I
started upon my journey, ignorant of the events which were to come...

After some time, I finally arrived at my destination. I ambled up to
the door and knocked... No answer. I knocked again and checked the
address; yes, it's the right one!! I continued to wait outside, in the
balmy sun...

The door opened.

"Yes? Hello?"

"Hello, my nane is... Uh, I mean my name is.... Adam," I said, caught unawares.

I must have looked at her for a long time; I couldn't help it!
Standing before me was one of the most alluring women I have ever
seen!! She was diminuitive; a couple or three inches above 5 feet. Her
shapely, svelte form was complimented by tight blue bike shorts and a
dark blue leotard. Her hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail; her
head crowned by a dark blue sweatband, soaked through.

"Adam? The one from the computer store?", she asked, panting softly.

"Um... Yes," I replied, dumbly.

"Hi! I'm Tina," she said. "Sorry I didn't answer the door earlier....
Had the music turned up. Here, why don't you come in."

She turned and walked back into the house. I followed, admiring the
shape of her ass and the way it moved as she walked. I was "coming to
attention", and I hoped she didn't see my cock through my jeans. She
finally led me to a small room, in which stood a desk and file
cabinets. A PC was upon the desk. I moved toward it.

"So what is the problem, exactly? The info I have says a 'crashed hard
drive due to virus'. How did you get this virus, exactly," I said,
unpacking my maintenance tools. I began to open the back of the

"Well, I don't know, exactly. We believe that it came from a corrupted
file; I wasn't exactly there when the crash occured," she explained,
leaning against the doorjamb. I quickly glanced at her; I could tell
she wasn't wearing a bra!! Her nipples protruded through the leotard!
My cock was stiff as a board.

I continued my task, with much effort not to look her way again.

"So did you make the call?"

"No. My husband did, from work. He wanted the computer to be up and
running by the time he got home... He does a lot of his work on it.
So, what are you going to do?" she inquired, approaching from behind.
I could feel her hot breath on my neck as I worked.

"It's pretty simple..." I explained what I was doing to the system as
I did it. She listened attentively, observed my actions, and asked
questions. For about 40 minutes we continued, her asking and me
answering while working. At times I caught her looking at my ass as I
bent over, or at my back. Finally, I was finished. I closed up the
back of the main console and packed away my tools.

"Well, there you go. Can I use your phone? I have to call my supe."

"Sure. It's this way," she said, turning and walking out of the room.
Again I followed, and again I looked at her backside. During that
whole time, my cock hadn't lost any of its hardness. Right before we
moved into the kitchen, she turned her head and glanced at me; I was
caught!! I quickly averted my gaze to a picture on the wall...

We entered the kitchen; small, but efficient and clean. I was quickly
led to a phone on the kitchen counter. I dialled the number and turned
around to look at her... She smiled at me, the corners of her mouth
upturned. Oh, what I'd do to kiss her lips...

The line was busy. I tried again, and again it was busy. I put down
the receiver, thinking of the long, boring trip ahead...

"Well, I gotta go back. Duty calls," I said, moving toward the door.

"Wait," she said. "It's twelve noon... Do you have time for a little
lunch? To repay you for what you've done?"

"Well... O.K., sure." I wasn't going to pass up a free lunch with a
beautiful woman!!

She smiled at me again, and turned to take foodstuffs out of the
refrigerator. I stood and watched her for a while (what a sight!!),
then began to help her out. She was as friendly as she was
inquisitive, and soon we were chatting and laughing like old friends.
Lunch was fantastic! We then retired to the living room. It was here
that she was doing her workout; various pieces of exercise equipment
were stashed in the far corner, and lying in the middle of the floor.
She sat opposite me, on a plush sofa; I on a reclining chair. We
talked some more, mainly about social lives and other such things. I
answered each question truthfully, even when we strayed into sex and
sex lives...

"You didn't date much in college? What about now?" she inquired.

"Like in college, I don't have a lot of time. I try to keep a life
outside work, but it's hard, you know? Especially if you're just
starting your job. Besides, who would date a man like me? All work and
no play, you know," I explained, a little sadly.

She looked at me, her face a mask. Her eyes had a twinkle in them I
didn't see before, though. "You don't believe that, do you? I think
you look very handsome. And it's cute the way you keep glancing at

"What do you mean?"

"I liked you looking at my ass," she said, her voice husky. "You don't
believe I didn't notice you?"

"Well.... Er, uh..... Um..." I sputtered, unable to talk. My dick was
straining like hell through my trousers. It was impossible to
overlook; I had no way to hide. Not anymore!!

"Do you like it?", she whispered thickly, while at the same time
approaching me on the chair.

"Um... Like what?"

"My ass!! Do you like it?"

"Yes," I said. Her face was very close to mine; her lips barely
touched mine when she spoke.

She moved forward. Her lips touched mine in a chaste kiss; then her
body melted into mine, and the kiss grew urgent. I returned her
passion; grabbing her and pulling her onto my cock. Our lips melded;
her tongue snaked into my mouth. We sat there and kissed a very long
time; I could feel the heat of her body through the leotard!! Her face
became flushed, her breathing quick.

After a while, she got up off of me and took my hand. We walked into
her bedroom. She turned to me and began to take off her leotard.

I was right about her breasts... They were magnificent!! I held my
breath as those beauties were bared... My eyes became locked on them.
Those voluptuous marvels were pear-shaped, opaline and capped with
knobby dark-pink nipples, which were stiff and long with excitement. I
could hear my breathing quickening; if her tits were this good, how
could I control myself with the REST of her?

"Do you like?" she asked me in a ragged whisper. All I could do was
nod acknowledgement; I could not speak! I reached toward her, grabbed
her full, feminie hips and brought her to me again, my lips seeking
hers... Then a thought hit me, and I pulled away. What about her
husband? If he caught me with her in a situation like this, he'd blow
his top (and blow my head off!!). I asked her that same question.

"Don't worry," she told me. "He's not going to be home before six
anyway, and he understands. We have a, shall we say 'special'
relationship." As she explained, her leotard continued its downward
travel, across that marvelous stomach, down her wide, firm hips,
gliding quickly to her feet and the floor... I reached to her again
for a kiss, but she stopped me.

"Are you going to follow me? I don't think we can have any fun with
you clothed like that!" Her eyes showed a smile that was reflected in
her full, luscious mouth. I began to take off my shirt, but her hands
interrupted me and took over, gliding sensously across my chest and
unbuttoning. As she continued, I reached to her tits and flicked her
nipples with my thumb, gently...

"Mmmm... That feels so good," she breathed, pressing against me, her
mound against my dick. She finished unbuttoning the shirt and threw it
off me to the floor. In that same instant, she began to unbutton my
pants, hands rubbing my cock almost accidentally. The contact turned
me on even more, and I pulled and tugged at her nipples. Our breathing
became ragged and sporadic; she started to hump against my leg! I
couldn't stand it; I had to have her now and damn the husband!

"You're really making me hot," I whispered in her ear, my hands still
pulling at her nips. "If we don't slow down, I'll cum in my shorts!"

"Your motor's too hot... We'll take our time, honey," she said,
pulling my shorts to the floor. I don't even remember her taking my
pants off!! She grasped my cock and pumped it slowly.

I kissed her again... She took my hand and brought me to the bed,
laying down and spreading herself languidly over it. I knew that if I
touched myself right then, I'd cum all over the place; I was that
horny!! I got upon the bed and laid beside her, kissing her again. I
couldn't get enough of her kisses! My hands had long before lost their
grip on her pebble-hard nipples; I began to journey downward, lightly
feathering her alabaster skin with passionate caresses.. I finally
reached her beautiful breasts; I latched onto a nipple, sucking as if
I were a babe again. She grabbed my head and moaned, softly... As I
sucked, my hands continued their roaming across her body, squeezing
her hips, gliding across her washboard stomach, finally coming to her
mound of Venus. I poked and prodded, searching for her opening; then
my finger entered her, my thumb massaging her hard, throbbing clit...
My other hand moving back to her ass and squeezing. She shuddered,
then she groaned, a low, husky sound out of the back of her throat...

"Ooooh, Honey...," she said, breathily. Her hands pulled my head even
harder to her tit. I continued my ministrations on her now-sopping
twat; she began to spasm, small animal-like sounds escaping her mouth.
I switched nipples and sucked harder; another finger joined its
brother in thrusting into her charged crevice. I rubbed her clitoris
with vigor, now; her juices lubricated my pistoning fingers and thumb.
She began to thrust her hips upward; her cunt grasped at my pounding
fingers convulsingly, squeezing them strongly. I sped up my diddling
rubbing her clit ever faster in a circular motion. She stiffened; her
nipples got even harder, and she began to orgasm...

"Oooh... OOooh, Adam, I'm... Honey, I'm going to come!... I'm coming!!
I'm coommiinngg!!" she screamed, her hips pistoning upward. Her cunt
grabbed at my fingers, pulsing rhythmically around them. I bit her
nipple lightly, and she screamed again; fluid poured out of her cunt,
to wet my hand and the sheets under her. It seemed to expand her
orgasm; she moaned and screamed, shuddering, her cunt pulsing in the
contractions of orgasm. After a long time, she began to calm down. Her
body was covered with a light sheen of sweat (as was mine!); she
pulled me up to her for a kiss. Her eyes showed bright with passion
and unbridled lust.

"That was heavenly," she breathed. "You know what I like to do after a
performance like that?"


"This," she said, turning me on my back. She straddled me; I could
feel her luscious, hot cunt on my chest. She leaned over me and kissed
me again; then, in imitation, she slithered down my body, kissing my
chest, sucking on my nipples and abdomen... I got even harder; my
member pulsing. She finally came to rest at my now granite-hard
pillar; she grasped me with one hand and began to stroke my cock,
cooing about its hardness. I closed my eyes and revelled in the
feeling of her master touch. I began to moan; her hand had began to
pump faster, harder, with more fervor.

"Ooh... Mmm, Tina..." I thrust my hips upward in an effort to get more
of my steel pole into her velvet-soft, cock-exciting hand... All of a
sudden, a wetness engulfed my cock... A warm, soft, yielding wetness,
accompanied by the sounds of sucking and slurping! I moaned, loudly; I
looked down my body, to see Tina sucking on my cock, hand gliding up
and down in rhythm to her head-pumping. I sat up, and put my hands in
her hair, tousling it, grabbing her head and pumping into her mouth.

The feelings were becoming too great; I could feel my cum rising, and
I pumped harder. She moaned continuously; the vibrations from her hot
sucking mouth put me over the edge! I pumped once more into her mouth;
powerfully; my cock swelled, and I exploded! Cum spurted out of me;
she pulled on her dick with her hot mouth, sucking the essence out of
me... I moaned and spurted again; she swallowed all but a trickle,
streaming down her full, red lips...

I pulled out of her mouth, and she pressed up against me. Her
rock-hard nipples boring into my chest. I kissed her again, and
experienced the taste of my own cum for the first time, mingled with
her love-juices. My cock stirred to life again, pressing into her
stomach. We lay side by side like that for a while, exploring each
other's bodies, reaching, finding new frontiers. My cock strained
against her abdomen, leaking precum. I reached down and fondled her
vaginal lips, lightly pinching them, tickling her clit. She gasped,
and stiffened again; then she looked at me, shivering...

"I want you in me now!" she breathed, huskily. "Fuck me; fill me with
your cock! Cum in me!" I quickly got between her legs... She spread
them beautifully for me, her cunt wet, hot and inviting, tits heaving
with her labored breathing, skin flushed pink with passion. I stared
for a while, drinking in the headiness of the experience, and her
sexual beauty. I then moved to her; she grabbed my cock and pressed it
against her clit, rubbing and groaning. She then put the head of my
dick into her cuntal opening...

I thrust toward her; her cunt took me in one smooth motion, sucking at
my cock as her lips did just minutes earlier. We both moaned at the
initial thrust; I began a slow, steady rhythm, trying to draw out this
excruciating feeling, but she thrust up at me, hard, and grabbed my
hips, drawing me ever more into her hot, wet depths. I thrust again,
and she shuddered, her back arching off the bed, tits jiggling like
two scoops of jello, eyes closed, breath haggard. I sped up the pace
of my thrusts... "Oh... Oh... Mmmm, Adam, fuck me!" she screamed. Her
exhortations drove me onward, pounding harder and longer... Her cunt
began to spasm, and she moaned. "Ohhh, this is sooo good! Hungh...
Mmm... Yeah! More... Harder... Go, ungh, faster...! OHhh Adam more...!
Fuck me! Yesss...!" Her heels locked behind my back; she pulled me
toward her with every thrust of her powerful hips.

I reached toward her tits and pulled on one nipple roughly. A small
scream escaped her lips. and she thrust harder, faster. I did the
same; her twat spasmed ferociously, grabbing my cock as if it were a
hand; she scrreamed, "I'm cooommingg!! Oooohuuungh...! Keep fuckinggg
meeee!" I pounded into her drenched twat, my hand pulling and twisting
her long, hard, hot nipple....

I began to tire, and I hadn't cum yet... I slowed down, then stopped
and pulled out. "Turn around," I said. She quickly flipped onto her
stomach and raised herself on hands and knees, sticking her beautiful,
full ass high off the bed. I moved to mount her again; before I did, I
diddled her lips, rubbing them, ticking them with gossamer touches..
She moaned again and pressed back at me, her pussy grabbing at my
fingers. I pulled them away and thrust into her again, quick and
rough. She moaned and pressed back against me. I grabbed a handful of
her ass and thrust back. I was entranced by the ripples of flesh
raised by our hard fucking; they travelled down her ass and
well-formed thighs. Our bodies smacked against each other; her pussy
was making small squelching noises as I thrust into her...

"Cum in me!! I want to feel your cum rush in me...! OOhhh, honey! Cum
in meeee!" I couldn't hold back; my cock became larger. I hammered
into her, groaned and let go! My cock jumped, then jet after jet of
cum adorned the walls of her pussy, filling her to overflowing. She
came again also, her twat squeezing my pistoning, spurting dick. She
came for a long time; I kept pistoning into her, though my dick was
slowly losing its hardness.

We slowed down and finally stopped; I pulled out of her with a slurp.
She turned, slid down my body and took my cock into her mouth, licking
it clean of our mingled juices. I turned and did the same to her twat,
licking and swallowing... We then laid side by side, facing each

"That was great, lover! Are you glad you didn't go back?"

"Yes, it was! And yes, I am. You are one hot woman, Tina! Can I see you again?"

"Well... We'll see," she said, taking my hand in hers and squeezing
it. "But if I need any more help repairing my computer, I'll know who
to call, right?"

"Anytime," I said, leaning to her for another kiss. She returned it
with a heady passion. my cock began to stir again...

So here I am, in my car en route, thinking what problem she wants me
to "fix" for her now! Maybe I'll have to repair her "rear" port, or
"disk slot"! Whatever it is, I know my reward will be as good as

Sex Stories

I should have sent this to you. I know I should have. I wanted to
include at least the idea of a sex story, at least a sketch, a scene,
something. Maybe you would have put me on the right track. Instead,
all weekend I thought about sex stories. About the kind of sex story
which might please Laura. I wrote a few lines--an attempt to describe
Laura, but they didn't look right. My poor words weren't what she was.
How do you say about someone's lips that they're soft and firm and hot
and icy and that just the idea of them touching... touching each other
makes you tremble? And when you add the air of her kiss, the breath
which comes out of her, well, my imagination failed me. I thought
about Laura putting on her lipstick. What would it feel like, that
slim stick of slick colored grease sliding over the skin of her lips?
Is it anything like a kiss? When you're wearing lipstick does it feel
like you're walking into a warm wind? I wondered if next Monday at the
coffee-house I'd be brave enough to ask Laura more about lipstick.
Lipstick and kissing. Then I figured maybe I'd better not, or she'd
get the idea that I was hung-up on lipstick. Sex and lipstick. Still,
it'd be nice to watch her putting it on. And for awhile I tried to
imagine the specifics of Laura touching the lipstick to her lips while
getting ready for her date. Those thoughts made me nervous. Well, sure
she goes out on dates. She'd hardly be one to stay at home all weekend
studying chemistry and reading philosophy and thinking about girls, I
mean boys. I stopped. It's a funny thing about imagination - it
doesn't go into reverse very well. I found I couldn't make Laura rid
herself of the lipstick: scrub it, or blot it, or rub it, or whatever
one does to get it off. Ah, well... one thing for sure, Laura's date
wasn't with me.

While my roommate was at the football game with his girlfriend, I
risked logging on to the Internet. I read a few sex stories, hoping to
get some ideas. I didn't really get any ideas. I got hard a few times,
but that wasn't what I was looking for.

Monday morning I walked into the philosophy lecture room once again
vowing to sit next to Laura. Perhaps, side by side in those small
amphitheater-style seats our legs would touch. And afterwards as we
walked to the coffee-house, she'd let me take her hand. Her fingers
would touch mine. We'd hold hands. Our arms would swing easily,
happily. At the coffee-house we'd order our cocoa, and I'd tell her -
I'd tell her that I didn't really write sex stories. And she'd smile
happily and say "I knew that!" and then she'd lean over and give me
another kiss. Maybe a little kiss followed by a longer one. I was

She wasn't there.

I felt peculiar. Almost sick. Empty. How could this be? I was worried.
Was she ok? Was she ill? Had something horrible happened? I scanned
every face in the lecture room. I thought of a million things. What
was wrong? Where was she? Why? Did it have something to do with me?
With what happened last Friday?

A minute before the hour was to begin, certain she wasn't going to
show up, on some strange impulse I got up and scooted down the aisle
and sat in Laura's seat. A couple of kids probably thought I was
queer, but I didn't care.

I had a hard time concentrating on the lecture, though. I kept
thinking maybe Laura would walk in late. She'd be so happy to see me,
she would slip into the empty seat by my side and put her hand on top
of mine, just for a moment, and the world would be wonderful. After
about ten minutes, when this hadn't happened yet, I thought maybe
she'd taken my seat way in the back. Maybe she didn't want to disturb
the lecture. I didn't dare turn around to look for fear I'd break the
spell. The hell with rational thought, I said to myself: intuition is
more vital. Then I promised God that if only Laura were there I
wouldn't masturbate for a week. That should clinch it!

As I stood up after class and casually turned around, I knew she'd be
there, smiling at me, a bright wide grin, so teasingly happy, so
obviously pleased. "You silly boy," her smile would say, "Did sitting
in my seat let you feel what it's like to be me? Feel the essence of
my inner being, my secret thoughts, my fears and hopes, my history and
habits et cetera? You silly boy." I knew she'd be there; I knew it in
my bones and in my heart. But of course both my bones and my heart
were wrong.

I hurried to the coffee-house. For another giddy moment I convinced
myself I'd find her sitting at our usual table, waiting for me, that
big silly smile on her face, and I felt weak and wonderful at the
prospect. "Did you miss me?" she'd ask. And I'd grin at her, and take
her hand, and she'd stand up, she'd just sort of float into my arms,
into a sweet hard hug, and then we'd kiss, and her lips would be
hotter than hot cocoa. We'd melt against one another, and her tongue
would taste of warm chocolate, and lightly lightly we'd feel the want
of each other. We'd... Well, why go on--she wasn't there. I didn't
really think she would be. That would have been a miracle. Or

I ordered a cup of hot chocolate anyway. The waitress had forgotten
the lump of cream. I put my finger in the cup. It felt familiar and at
the same time unlike anything in my experience. I sat there. All
through chemistry class I sat in the coffee-house letting the cocoa go

In the afternoon I decided I'd better find out. There was no way I
could wait until Wednesday, our next class. Not that I thought Laura
was in danger... but still.... I started going through the University
phone book circling all the Laura's. It might have taken forever, but
I remembered that our University phone directory is on-line. I found
eleven Laura's, seven of them undergrads, and I was pretty sure, don't
ask me why, that Laura Eden was the one. I was prepared to call them
all, really I was. After dinner.

You probably think I didn't call.

It was about the bravest thing I've ever done. "I'll recognize her
voice," I told myself. I can always hang up. I'll just say. I'll

A guy answered.

"Um, is Laura there?" I said, trying not to squeak.

"Just a sec," he said.

I heard the phone clunk against some furniture. Then he came back on.
"Who's calling?" he said.

"Adam Renner," I said, swallowing.

"Adam Renner!" I heard him echo. His voice made me feel small and
hollow. Like a little bird.

I waited. My heart hammered.

"Hello?" someone said. It was her.

"It's uh, Adam, from your philosophy class?"

She didn't say anything.

"I was wondering why you were, um, that is, when you weren't in class
this morning, I thought..." This wasn't going well. "I just wondered
if you were ok," I said.

"Yeah, pretty ok."

"You sound a little sad."

"Do I? No, I'm not."

"That's good," I said.

I waited, hoping she would say something. She didn't.

"Will you be... I mean, would you like my class notes. From today? I
could type them up and e-mail them to you or something."

"Type them up?" she said.

"Should I do that?" I said.

"You would do that?"


"You are so sweet," she said. "Why don't you just come over."

"Come over?"

"Come over."

I set right off, philosophy notebook tight in my hand. Laura lived
more than a mile beyond the other side of campus. I walked fast.
Sometimes I trotted. Sometimes I ran. I switched the notebook from
hand to hand so the cover would stay dry. I tried not to think about
too many things, just to get there, but I couldn't help wondering
whether I was dressed ok. Whether I had I written something stupid in
my notes. I tried not to think too much about the man's voice. About
how I was dressed. About how sad Laura's hello had sounded.

An exposed outside stairway climbed Laura's two story building. I
stood on the landing in front of her door, 2B, looking for a doorbell.
Eventually I knocked. I feared the sound wouldn't carry through what
looked like heavy wood, but soon enough I heard someone shout, "It's
open, come on in." It was a girl's voice, not Laura's. I hesitated--
suddenly almost certain I was in the wrong place. The doorknob was
slippery. I tried to firm my grip. "Push hard if it's stuck," the
girl's voice said. I pushed hard. The door popped open.

It was strange. A big bright living room empty of all of furniture. No
drapes nor blinds. Just a big bare window to the left looking out over
Twilight Park, and inside bright bare walls and a gleaming bright
hardwood floor and on the ceiling a sizeable chandelier with dozens of
flame-shaped bulbs grinning with glittery light.

A guy sat semi-sprawled against the facing wall. A girl sort of lay in
his lap. The girl was not Laura. The guy was enormous. The girl was
long and lovely. She was sipping from an old-fashioned Coke bottle and
feeding the guy popcorn, and he was apparently reading a book. I stood
in the doorway not knowing what to do, not knowing what might be
expected of me. The girl plucked one piece of popcorn from the big
ceramic bowl and poked it into the boy's mouth. It was almost as if
she were feeding a baby bird, except this baby bird weighed close to
300 pounds.

"Shut the door and come on in," the girl said. She had red hair, fiery
ringlets cascading all over the boy's lap. "I'm Rikka," she said, "and
this oversized galoot is Bob."

"Hiya," said Bob.

I recognized him. Bob (Big-Guy) Guy, all-conference nose- guard from
our football team. Even slumped against the wall he was immense, like
a corn-crib or missile-silo or mountain-peak rising up over

"You want Laura, right?" Rikka said.

I nodded.

"She's on the phone," Rikka said, "Want some popcorn while you wait?"
Even across the room, her green eyes glittered with something I
couldn't name, and it made me tremble.

"I'm Adam," I ventured.

"We know," Rikka said. And then to Bob she added, "Adam writes sex
stories on the Internet."

"Cool," Bob said, looking up from his book.

"Say," Bob continued, "You aren't that Madam Adam, are you? I really
dig her stuff."

"He's a guy, you boner-brain," Rikka said. "How could he be Madam Adam?"

"What do you mean?" Bob said.

Rikka pinched his nose.

"You think Madam Adam's not a guy?" Bob said.

Rikka didn't say anything. She just pinched Bob's nose again. Harder.

"Ow," Bob said. He caught Rikka's wrist. She put the little Coke
bottle on the floor and used her free hand to pinch Bob's nose. She
held on. "Take that Mr. Smarty Pants."

"Leggo," Bob said. She didn't. "Leggo," Bob said again. Rikka giggled
and hung on. Bob moved his huge hand, took hold of one of Rikka's
breasts, and squeezed. "Miss Smarty Tits," Bob said and soon Rikka let
go of his nose.

"That hurt," Rikka said.

"You liked it," Bob said.

"Shows what you know," Rikka said. She sat up slightly, untucked the
pale yellow work-out blouse from the matching sweat-pants, and pulled
the bottom of her shirt-front all the way up. Her little breasts
bobbled wonderfully in the empty air. I could see some red marks
around the one Bob had pawed, and the small nipple, pale and plump.

"Want me to kiss it and make it better?" Bob offered.

"Ha!" Rikka said. She took hold of her Coke bottle, and for a moment I
thought she might bash him. Instead she did the most wonderful thing.
I don't know if I can describe it. She scooted herself forward on her
bottom until she was a few feet from Bob. Her knees were up and she
almost looked like she was kissing the top her knee. And then, in
slow- motion, she let her legs stretch out along the bare floor
without taking her mouth from her knee--the far forward position of an
especially supple sit-up. She stayed that way for a moment, stretched
out soft and tight, as graceful a line as I've ever seen, and then she
lay back, letting her head rest on the floor next to Bob's hip.

"Rikka?" Bob said.

Rikka brushed Bob's hand away from her face, and again in exquisitely
slow motion, she brought her legs over her head, so now she was in the
same position as before except upside-down, her back flat on the
floor, her body folded over itself, at once elegant and exact, soft
and smooth as cake batter, jack-knife slim and sleek.

Bob reached over, began to put his hand upon the pale yellow curve of
her firm little haunch, but before he could touch her bottom, his
fingers still an inch above the precision of her butt, Rikka simply
snapped into standing. Her spring was unexpected and perfect and over
in an instant, like a snake striking. I had never been this close to
something at once so athletic and graceful.

"Sorry there's nowhere to sit," she said to me, brushing a waterfall
of red hair away from her eyes. "We're thinking of painting."

"Oh," I said.

I tried to avert my eyes, but it was impossible to do anything other
than fasten them upon Rikka's bold little breasts as she walked
towards me. The right one had remained uncovered, its nipple tilted
towards the light. The other nipple, still covered, poked hard against
the cloth. Rikka, apparently unconcerned, handed me the Coke bottle.
The glass was vaguely warm, half-empty, nowhere near as green as
Rikka's eyes. I stood there, holding my philosophy notebook in one
hand, Rikka's Coke bottle in the other. "I'm not all that thirsty," I

Rikka chuckled. "So you write sex stories, huh?" she said.

I nodded, a single guilty nod. She stood only inches away, and her
eyes blazed. Her exposed nipple seemed to twitch, to lift itself
almost imperceptibly, and I remembered Rikka a moment ago kicking
herself into the air. I shivered.

"I make you hard, don't I?" she said. Her voice had the barest hint of
a laugh in it.

I nodded again.

"There is one thing I've always wondered," she said. Her green eyes
were wide and gleaming. Her hands were doing something at my front,
nimbly working the buckle, the snap, the zip.

"What I wonder is..." She paused, and her eyes smiled a little, and I
could feel air on my penis just before her top teeth caught the plump
bottom of her lower lip. Her fingers gripped me, her touch was soft
and hard, icy cool and wickedly hot at once, and her thumb brushed the
top solemnly, smearing the skin of wet around and around.

"What I wonder is..." Rikka repeated. Her fingers held a moment, then
tightened and moved slowly, almost imperceptibly: the slimmest
fraction of movement, excruciatingly intense.

She paused, offered the flicker of impish grin before her face turned
serious. "What I wonder is... does pre-cum have a hyphen?"

Then, grip full and firm, she whisked her fingers up and down, three
or four brisk strokes, thumb still on top, trembling across my slit,
and in no time I splattered hard and full and practically forever.

"There," Rikka said, and her grin grew wide again, and she freed her
hand, letting my underwear snap hard against the head of my penis just
as Laura came around the corner.

I ran.

Well, not ran exactly. First I twisted away from Laura's eyes, and
then I tried to buckle myself up and open the door. I have no idea how
I managed to do this without letting go of my notebook or the Coke
bottle, but I did. I'm sure Laura saw me. Of course she saw me... in
all my gloriously hopeless shame. What can she think of me now? I
couldn't imagine. Maybe she laughed. Maybe she cried. Maybe she
thought nothing at all. I did not know. I did not know which would be
the worst.

I stood outside at the edge of Twilight Park and watched Laura's
window. I waited for something to happen. The window remained bright
and golden, filled with the light of that flaming chandelier. I
thought maybe someone would come to the window, or maybe the light
would go off, but no one came to the window, and the light did not go
off, and eventually I left.

First Strap-On

The door opened before me, and I quickly stepped in, my heart racing.
Dave gave me a big hug, which somewhat calmed my nerves. I gave him
the bottle of wine, and suggested a glass might settle me. I sat in
the recliner, and took a healthy sip when Dave gave me a glassful. I
felt the warmth as it spread from my stomach.

Dave showed me the strap-on he had bought. I handled it gingerly, and
examined how it worked. Dave sat on the edge of the bed in his robe as
I did. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him down his wine and get up
for another glass. I took another drink, and found mine was gone. I
called to him to fill my glass, which he did.

"Close the bathroom door a little, and turn out the lights" I told
him. With a wry smile, he did. The room plunged into a comfortable
murkiness, with subdued lighting provided by the washroom lights. The
wine and the low lighting eased my jangled nerves, and a sense of
lustiness filled me. A fantasy was about to be fulfilled, and the
realization made me feel reckless. "C'm'here and take off my panties,"
I told him, my voice husky.

I skootched out my bottom as he knelt before me. He ran his hands up
and down my thighs, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. He
stuck his face close to my crotch and took a long whiff, letting out a
little moan of desire. I felt his nose push my cotton panties into my
slit, a wonderfully wicked feeling. I tousled his hair, pushing his
face into me. I was beginning to feel the long-hidden side of me that
craved dominating him. He was going to be a slut for me today, and I
was going to use him.

I let go his head after a bit, and I felt his fingers trace the furrow
his nose had made. They gently felt my lips and mound through the
cotton. He was being a teasing little prick! "Take them off and eat
me," I told him. His hands slid up to the waistband and began to pull
my panties down. As he revealed my muff, I closed my eyes. My panties
slipped over my feet, and he pressed my legs far apart. I felt the
cold air of the room on me, and another surge of excitement tore
through me; my cunt was bare to his eyes.

Without any more pause, he put his tongue directly on my sex. I let my
head settle back and I luxuriated in his talent as he worshipped my
pussy with his tongue. I could tell he loved it, not only from his
deep growl-like moans, but from the eager attention he was providing.
This man loved to eat pussy, and the truth is that I loved to have him
eating me.

It was divine, simply relaxing as Dave sucked and licked me. I took
sips of wine every now and again, feeling ever more mellow while at
the same time feeling my orgasm building from deep within me. Every
now and then he would hit just the right spot, sending shivers of
pleasure rippling from my cunt through my whole body.

I reached down and spread my lips for him. He responded immediately,
lapping at my very hole gently and with his tongue flattened. He
swirled his tongue around the edges of my hole, and then slowly
corkscrewed into me. His fingers spread my lips, letting me sink back
into the recliner again, back into the feeling of safety and being

I drained my glass, and told him, "be a love and get me another glass
of wine?" Actually, my voice was more like a croak. But, he jumped up
immediately, and came back with the wine bottle. He filled my glass
and set the bottle on the stand next to me. Then, he sank to his knees
before me again, and buried his face in my pussy. I draped my legs
over his shoulders and back, completely at ease.

I felt my excitement building, building. "Finger me, cuntlicker," I
told him. I put my feet on his shoulders, swinging my knees far apart.
I felt positively trampy, my cunt gaping open. He slid his finger in,
testing my wetness. Finding me slippery, he pushed in another. I felt
his fat fingers slowly sliding in and out, so slowly I could feel
every knuckle. When his fingers were buried all the way, he'd suckle
at my clit, licking and sucking it. I knew my long awaited orgasm was
close. He'd been eating me for almost a half hour, slowly building me
to this point.

"Can you cum?" I asked. He moaned the affirmative. "Lay on your back,"
I told him. He did as I asked, and I slid off the recliner. I knelt
over his face, and settled back until I felt his tongue fucking me. Oh
God it felt good! I knelt there, finishing my glass of wine. Such
decadence! Imagine sitting on a man's face as he ate you with such

My wine finished, I reached down and parted his robe. He was of course
wearing a condom over his rock hard cock. I slowly peeled it off,
watching the oozing pre-cum drip out. I snuck my tongue into the
condom, tasting his sticky juice. It tasted absolutely delicious, and
I wondered what his sperm would taste like. Oh well, he would find
out, not me. I reached down and tickled his cock with my red
fingernails, watching it bob up and down appreciatively.

I guess touching his cock was a good thing, because he went wild on my
pussy. His tongue was everywhere, licking my clit, stabbing into my
pussy. It felt marvelous! Better than marvelous! I felt my orgasm
begin, a great gasping thing that swelled from my womb to my brain. I
ground -hard!-against his face, his mouth clamped onto my clit. I felt
the need to be fucked coming hard, and I fairly lept off his face and
onto his cock. I settled down in one swift movement, making him gasp
with pleasure. I rocked back and forth, my clit striking his shaved
balls. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" I cried, and his cock repeatedly jammed
into my spasming pussy.

Gloriously, I felt him spray my insides with jet after jet of cum. I
continued to hump him, rubbing my clit as my pussy squeezed him again
and again. Finally, we were both spent. I sagged a little, feeling his
hardness slowly ebb away.

"Are you ready?" I called.

"Not really, I'm exhausted," he replied dreamily.

"Too bad," I responded. He had often begged to let him suck his cum
from me. It was a fantasy of his, but perhaps it was only a fantasy.
Want it or not, though, today it would become a reality. I lifted
sloppily off his shrunken meat, and plopped down onto his face. I
reached down to open my lips, and felt his tongue tentatively nudge at
my hole. Then, I felt the unbelievably sexy feeling of his cum drip
out of me in a big glob. He let loose a guttural sound, halfway
between lust and repulsion. But, his tongue began to dart into me,
scooping out his own cum. "You are my little cum-eater, aren't you
pussy boy?"

"MMMmmmm, yyyeesssss," he moaned between sobs of lust.

"You love to eat my pussy, and suck your own cum, don't you? Don't
you, cum-eater?"

"Yyyesss, I love to be your pussy eater. I love to clean my cum from
your cunt." He had thoroughly gotten into it, eagerly cleaning the
inside and out of my pussy.

"Do you want to be a cock sucker, too?" I asked. I watched his cock
make a sudden resurgence, but his reply was lost in moans. I lifted
off him. "Go put on another condom and get on your hands and knees,
cum-eater." He got up and hurried to comply, as I stepped into the
strap-on harness.

It was a leather-like affair, with nylon straps that went around my
legs. I tightened it after attaching the dildo mount. The dildo mount
was like a short barbed peg that went into a hole in the base of the
dildo. When affixed, the dildo stayed firmly in place, jutting out
like a hard cock. But for now I stood hefting the 8" by 2" rubber
cock. It looked huge, but he said he could both swallow it and take it
up his ass.

I tentatively put it to my pussy, and pressed the head into me. After
being licked for so long and then fucked, I was loose. And yet, the
dildo still felt large. Maybe that's because it was twice as big as
Dave's cock. I inched it in, lubricated by my own juice and Dave's
cum. I could tell Dave was fascinated, since he was staring and
literally licking his lips. I rubbed my own clit, hard and jutting, as
I worked the dildo in and out. It felt great, but I knew I wouldn't be
able to cum again in quite awhile.

I pulled out the dildo, now wet with our juices, and attached it to
the harness. The heavy weight hanging from my front made me feel
extremely powerful. Time to tame Dave!

"Come here and lick my cock clean, cum-eater." He crawled over and
began to flick his tongue over my cock. "Do you want to suck me?" I
asked, after his VERY eager tongue licked it mostly clean. He moaned
yes, yes, oh please, yes. "OK, then open your mouth, and keep it
open." He did, and I placed the head onto his tongue. He stared at me
like a dog with a treat on his nose. "Now, suck me," I whispered,
totally turned on.

I watched in appreciation as he took the dildo into his mouth. His
head bobbed up and down on it, going deeper and deeper. I began to
rock my hips in time, fucking his mouth. He was moaning all the time
now, my little cocksucker. "Will you take it all?" I asked. "Oh
please, push it all in me," he moaned. "You are such a slut! But, OK.
Hold still." I gripped his hair, so he couldn't move, then pushed
against his face with my hips. I could feel it hit the back of his
throat, with still two inches out. I pulled out, and then pushed in.
When it hit his throat, I gave a stronger push and felt it pop into
his neck. I was amazed! He was deepthroating it. I kept it in his
throat for several seconds, not knowing he couldn't breathe. I felt
him try to pull off, and then pulled out. After a quick breath, he
pushed himself back onto it.

We established a rhythm, my fucking his mouth and then letting him
breath. I once reached down and felt his neck as I pumped in and out
of his throat. Wild! He had the hardest time when I quickly pumped the
last two or three inches in and out of his neck, but I was getting off
on how much of a cocksucker he was.

Finally, I wanted to take his "virginity," or what was left of it. "Go
get the lube," I told him. "Don't you DARE let my cock drop out of
your mouth, slut!" I commanded after he returned and got on his hands
and knees. He closed his eyes, keeping about half in his mouth and
continually moaning. I squirted a big glob on the fingers of my right
hand, and leaned over him to rub it into his asshole. He arched his
back, encouraging me. "You are a anal whore, aren't you?" I pumped my
fingers into his ass while pushing more cock into his mouth.

He was really wanting it, and I wanted to give it to him. With a
`plop', I pulled my cock out of his mouth. I smacked his hip and he
wriggled around and stuck his ass in the air and his head down. He
reached back with both hands to pull his cheeks apart. His asshole was
shiny, open, and inviting.

I wanted to tease him, so I deliberately walked away and got a condom.
I rolled it onto my cock (I loved thinking about it as MY cock!) so
that he could watch, then walked back to his backside. I rubbed the
head around his asshole, bumping into it now and again. I took the
lube, still close at hand, and squirted a generous amount onto the
dildo. I slowly stroked it, getting the lube spread around. What a
sexy feeling to be stroking my cock, looking at a very willing slut
wanting it soooo bad; the whole thing just thrilled me.

Finally, though, I just had to fuck him. I fingered him for a second,
make him moan, and then pressed the head against his opening. I
shifted my hips, pressing, and the whole 8" cock filled his ass. Then,
he was really moaning! I pulled out an inch or two and pushed in again
with a wet slurp. I watched as his asshole gripped the cock, and
wondered if my own pussy did that when he fucked me. How many sexy
sights have I missed, just by being a woman, I mused. The thought made
me feel very assertive, and I really wanted to fuck him hard.

However, it was harder than I thought. The dildo seemed to stick out
at a weird angle, and at first, I constantly lost my balance as I
strove to shove it in. At one point, I literally fell on him while
pushing hard; I laid on top of him while he groaned in pleasure. I
started quick fucking him, asking him "do you love it, slut?"

"Oh yeah, I love it. fuck me!" He was panting.

"How about this?" I drove it deep, making him squeal. "You love it,
don't you whore? You just love getting a fat cock in your ass. Want it

"Yeah, give it to me hard. Fuck me hard." I propped myself up and
pulled it in and out all the way. But it felt awkward, so I pulled out
and looked at his gaping hole. "Lay on the bed," I told him. He got
up, looking shaky, and leaned over the end of the bed. "No, asshole,
lay on the bed, on your back."

He climbed on and turned over. I grabbed his ankles and pulled him to
the edge, then put his ankles on my shoulders. I felt so totally in
control! I put my hand at his asshole and used it to guide the cock as
I sank it in all the way in a single stroke. I pulled out all the way,
and with my hand there I could guide it right back in. What a feeling
of power, as I gave him deep full strokes.

I found that it was very easy to vary the tempo of my fucking. The
hard part was keeping up a smooth rhythm. I knew it was impossible for
him to anticipate my strokes, since it was nearly impossible for me to
anticipate my strokes! A glance at his cock, which was rock hard with
the condom half filled with precum, was enough to make me know how
much he loved it.

But all things must end, and thirty minutes of fucking had worn me
out. Well, it tired me and made me ready for my own orgasm. I pushed
the dildo in deep, and then detached it from the harness. "Keep this
in," I told him. He reached down, and held it in as I removed the
harness. Then, I climbed on the bed and slung my legs over his head,
facing his cock. I wanted 69!

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed. "You are dripping wet! MMMmppfffhhh!!!" His
last words were muffled as he pulled my pussy down to his mouth. I
felt like I was going to explode as his tongue slide deep in me and he
ate out all my juices.